Saturdays at Sink Pong

Not sure what to do this weekend? We’ve got the perfect choices for relaxing with good food during the day or enjoying a night out with your friends. Take a look at what’s on at Sink Pong on Saturdays to find the perfect way to start or end your day.

How Do You Decide Who Goes First at Beer Pong?

Deciding who goes first at beer pong can be as simple as flipping a coin, but there is a special method that some people use as part of their beer pong rules.

How Do You Set Up a Beer Pong Table?

You don’t need much equipment to set up a beer pong table. All you really need are some plastic cups, a ping pong ball and a space to play in. You will find all of these at Sink Pong.

Why Getting Competitive Works On Your Big Date?

Finding something a little bit different to do on a date can make the experience much more interesting, but there are some other big advantages to choosing a competitive activity like ping pong too.

What Does Your Sink Pong London Platter Say About You?

Here at the Sink Pong bar in Shoreditch, we like to make sure you’re well fed by providing heaps of food on our sharing platters. We’ve got five to choose from and we like to think that we can tell a little something about you by which one you pick. We’re probably about as accurate as your latest horoscope, so don’t be surprised if you can recognise yourself in our amazing personality predictions.

The Best of Both Worlds: When You Can Drink Beer and Play Sport

Deciding what to do on a Saturday evening can be tricky, especially if you and your partner have different ideas. If you are physically active and like going to the gym or to keep fit class but your other half prefers to chill out in the pub, it may be a battle of wills over who gets the final say.

How To Create A Great Team Building Event

A night out with your workmates can start new friendships, build better working relationships, and be a lot of fun. Here are some essential tips for making your night a success.