#3 Reasons to visit Shoreditch

Apart from taking a trip to the new home of beer and ping pong in Shoreditch at Sink we know that there’s a host of other reasons to visit the area. Fortunately for us most of them are connected to great food, plenty to drink and awesome nightlife which we happen to have combined at our beer pong club but what else is out there to discover in London’s trendy east end.


  1. #1 – awesome street art Any trip to London might include an art tour around the many museums and galleries on offer to sample some highbrow artistry as well as modern twists. However, arguably there is nowhere better to savour some fantastic urban art then to visit Shoreditch. Visitors and regularly can take in the sights and sounds of Shoreditch as they wander from Shoreditch from Brick Lane and then from there up Redchurch Street. Brilliant graffiti and street art is in abundance and it’s definitely a key attraction of the area.
  2. #2 independent cinema A definite step away from large multiplexes and big blockbusters could be a trip to one of the cinema offerings in Shoreditch. Small, quirky and full of old school character are features of the independent cinemas here. Richmix offers a truly authentic and independent experience with comfy seats and a focus on supporting budding artists. Electric Cinema on Redchurch Street offers a unique cinema experience with tables, wine, couches and blankets for a snuggly night in but out!
  3. #3 active drinking Shoreditch is renowned for crazy nightlife but it also boasts a flavour of active socialising at various hotspots. Active socialising is essentially drinking whilst partaking in a sport or other activity which is obviously why it made our list. As well as playing beer pong and ping pong, visitors to Shoreditch can also partake in Foosball amongst other sports at a variety of themed cocktail bars in London.