Ping Pong vs. Dancing: Which Is Better For Your Night Out?

Back in the day, the big question of what to do on your night out used to be should you go dancing or just sit in the pub. Modern night life is a bit different, with hundreds of options to choose between, from staying home with a box set to getting out there and playing some beer pong. So why should you come and see what Sink Pong offers rather than going dancing like your parents, grandparents and all the generations before them?



The Best Reasons to Choose Ping Pong

  1. Both dancing and ping pong give you a chance to burn off some energy, but ping pong is actually a sport so it should really count as a trip to the gym.
  2. Ping pong can get very competitive. Unless you’re into dance offs, you won’t get this thrill if you go dancing.
  3. It’s much easier to eat in between matches than to combine food with dancing, and choosing ping pong can make your night life more affordable too thanks to the Sink Pong offers on food and drink.
  4. If you want to talk, it’s much easier over a game of ping pong than on the dance floor. Your ears might thank you for a night at Sink Pong too, although you’ll still get to enjoy some music.
  5. Sink Pong is a great alternative for people who don’t like dancing, or for that one friend who really can’t dance even though they think they can.

While ping pong definitely deserves a place in your night life, in the end there’s no point limiting yourself to just one option. It’s great to have some variety and to be able to go dancing one night and then play some ping pong the next. You can even use the Sink Pong offers to play a few games, fill up on snacks and get ready for a long night of dancing afterwards.