The Best of Both Worlds: When You Can Drink Beer and Play Sport

Deciding what to do on a Saturday evening can be tricky, especially if you and your partner have different ideas. If you are physically active and like going to the gym or to keep fit class but your other half prefers to chill out in the pub, it may be a battle of wills over who gets the final say.


There is a solution right in the heart of Shoreditch where you can drink beer and play table tennis at the same time! Sink Pong is the place to be in London if you want to have a go at Beer Pong, the American drinking game that is taking the UK by storm.

  1. Beer Pong Beer pong is a type of ping-pong with an alcoholic twist. Players throw a ball across the table to try and land their ball in the opposing teams cup of beer. Cups are arranged in a pyramid with the point angled towards the opponents. If the ball lands in the opponent cup, they get to drink it and the cup is removed from the table. When you have removed all of the opposing team’s cups, you have won. If both teams get a ball in the same cup at the same time, they each get another turn.
  2. American Food When booking, each couple or group has their own ping pong table designated to them with their own seating area where they can relax and chill or try some of Sink Pong’s American food. Examples on the menu include the American Cowboy burger – a beef burger with bacon and cheese, topped with salad and a BBQ sauce – and the Cowgirl, a grilled chicken fillet with guacamole, salad and a hot ‘Buffalo’ sauce.
  3. Tea with Friends If beer pong means you’ve had enough to drink or you’d like to sit it out with friends, there are teas, latte or other types of coffee so you can just chat.
  4. Live Music There are live bands on some evenings too, so whatever you’re into, you’ll find something you can both enjoy at Sink Pong.