How To Create A Great Team Building Event

A night out with your workmates can start new friendships, build better working relationships, and be a lot of fun. Here are some essential tips for making your night a success.


Picking the Right Activity

The most important decision you’ll make when organising team building events is what you’ll be asking everyone to do.

  • - Pick an activity, not just a location. Giving people something to do will help them feel more comfortable and ensure they have something to talk about.
  • - Choose an activity that suits your team. Don’t drag city dwellers up a rainy hill or make less than sporty office workers run a marathon.
  • - Make it easy. Choose something that people will be able to understand and pick up quickly so you won’t have to waste time explaining what to do.

It’s also essential to ensure that everyone can get involved in the activity you’ve chosen. For team building events at Sink Pong, we’d advice avoiding beer pong if there might be non-drinkers in the group and thinking carefully about how many tables to book. You don’t need to keep everyone playing at once, but you don’t want to leave people sitting on the side-lines too long.

Turning an Activity Into An Event

To turn simple an activity into a real team building event, you’ll need to do something to ensure it brings people together:

  • - Make it competitive
  • - Arrange matches between people who don’t usually get a chance to talk
  • - Assign roles like scorekeeper, referee and team captain to help new employees make friends or to develop the leadership skills of junior employees

Making the Night a Success

Your work doesn’t end on the night of the event. It’ll be up to you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • - Get people talking by looking out for anyone who is alone, making introductions, and starting lots of conversations
  • - Keep the food and drinks coming so everyone stays cheerful and has plenty of energy
  • - Take plenty of pictures to share online or print out to display at work

If everyone enjoys the night, you might want to make your team building events a regular thing. Why not start a ping pong league and compete for a big prize at the end of the year?